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Carolina Pride, based in Roxboro, NC, has been providing self serve car wash operators throughout the nation with quality systems for over 40 years. Carolina Pride car wash equipment has evolved over the years with the addition of many new services, but never forgetting that the main purpose of the car wash is to provide the customer with a clean car.
To ensure a clean car, Performa self serve car wash equipment comes complete with presoak and high pressure soap, rinse, wax, tire cleaner, foam brush, reverse osmosis production and spot free delivery. Our self serve car wash equipment include the Performa, Performa Plus, Performa Plus High Efficiency Boiler, Express Series and the Compact Series.

Carolina Pride car wash equipment and car wash systems

We believe in the KIS method (Keep It Simple) at Carolina Pride. With that in mind we design the systems so that they are easy to service and maintain without complex controllers, and use industrial grade components that are dependable and will last. These basics are the cornerstone of our car wash systems, which reduce the cost of ownership and make for a happier repeat car wash customer, and a satisfied car wash owner.

Keeping It Simple also allows Carolina Pride to develop some amazing products. The Mercury Carwash Payment System leads the industry in credit card technology. With a high speed Internet connection, the Mercury Carwash Payment System can pre-authorize credit cards in as little as three seconds.

Increase your revenues with the Mercury Carwash Payment System

The Mercury Carwash Payment System allows the car wash owner to choose from 22 different credit card processing companies and nine gift card companies. The system provides unlimited fleet accounts with unmatched reporting as well as daily e-mail reporting of all transactions, settlement reports, activity reports and bad card reports. The system also allows remote management and configuration through a simple Web browser interface. Rob Preihs owner of Rob’s Car Wash says, “The Mercury Carwash Payment System gives us the ability to process credit cards quickly and get real time data on the revenue generated on each of our bays.”

Carolina Pride will continue to develop new products for the car wash industry that are simple to maintain and will increase the profitability for operators.

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