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Generate extra revenue while providing a great service to your customers.

Blue FlameMeter Boxes

Made from a durable stainless steel design our coin boxes are safe and secure.
Choose touch pad or rotary. Coin, cash, and credit options are available.

     Carwash Systems

       From stainless steel to spillover proof tanks,
       you’ll know you made the right choice
       with any of the following systems: Performa,        PerformaPlus - RO, PerformaPlus - RO
       with High Efficiency Boiler, Express and
       Compact Series.

Industrial Grade Components Industrial Grade Components

Reduce cost, improve
cleaning and increase
profits with the best dispensing equipment
in the industry.

Wall Pack SystemWall Pack Systems

Wall Pack’s simple design
allows the operator to easily
monitor system operation.
Performing any system
adjustments or maintenance
is also quick and easy.

Wall Pack SystemSpot Free Rinse Systems

Don’t overlook our reverse osmosis systems. Give your customer’s vehicle that extra
shine with any of our Express
RO systems.

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