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Performa Systems
Stainless Steel Car Wash Design
We know you are looking for quality car wash equipment, that’s why we use only the best industrial grade car wash components available. Our stainless steel car wash equipment is engineered to out perform all of our competition and provide you with a dependable, profitable and flexible car wash system.

Stainless Steel Belt Guards offer a high level of protection, easy access, and a long life.

Tire cleaner comes with an all stainless steel, glycerin - filled gauge for chemical compatibility.

Individual Stainless Steel Car Wash Solution Tanks
Spaced equal distances apart these tanks are designed to prevent contamination between tanks. They also have over-flow pipes for each tank to protect equipment and individual drain valves underneath each tank for easy removal of chemicals or soap from any tank.

Stainless Steel Car Wash Manifolds, Solenoid Valves & Heaters
Utilizing stainless steel manifolds and solenoid valves with high quality operating controls allow for easy operations and fluid metering.

There are also ball valves before each stainless steel solenoid valve for easy servicing.

Each low pressure manifold has its own 1/2’ regulator for balanced system operation.

Electric rinse tank heater or pre-soak heater and low water level safety switch.

Car Wash Cat Pumps
Cat Pumps are standard equipment with Performa car wash systems. Stainless steel is used to fabicate all frames, tanks, pump motor bases and belt guards. All motors include quick change electrical receptacles and connectors for easy servicing of our car wash equipment.

Pump Otions Include: Cold water rinse, medium pressure for presoak or wax, reclaim injection available.

Three Way Air Solenoid valve with filter regulator which relieves pressure off air diaphragm pumps, provides longer pump life and eliminates pump stalling. The Performa Car Wash System features a pressure relief safety valve on air pumps and provides extra protection to low pressure lines.
Teflon diaphragm air operated pumps for tire cleaner and Urethane diaphragm air operated pump for foam brush.

Motor Control Centers
Performa Motor Control Centers are U.L. listed and completely pre-wired. Only one electrical connection is required to provide power to the complete system. Featuring panel mounted test switches, built in breaker panel with low voltage breakers eliminating fuses, non resetable coin counters to insure fidelity control and individual transformers per bay to isolate electrical systems. Electrical trough is all stainless steel, electric motors plug into a central trough and the system is completely pre-wired and tested for easy installation.

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