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Industrial Grade Car Wash Systems
At Carolina Pride we utilize high quality industrial grade components on all of our car wash systems to ensure less down time and a profitable car wash.
Industrial Grade Car Wash Systems

Mercury Credit Card Expansion ModuleWireless Credit Card Processing

With wireless credit card processing you'll see more profits and added convenience. There are also no wires to pull, which makes installation quick and easy.

Mercury Credit Card Expansion ModuleCredit Card Expansion Module

Adding credit cards to your existing vacuums or self-serve bays is easy with the Credit Card Expansion Module.

Carwash Systems
The Mercury Carwash Payment System is a great way to monitor your carwash's revenue and performance. From home or work get vital statistics on each bay's revenue for the day
with just the click of your mouse. More consumers are using their credit and debit
cards. There simply isn't any other way to have this much control over your carwash and its performance.

Mercury Credit Card Expansion ModuleCredit Card Receipt Printer

Everyone knows the importance of keeping up with receipts. Whether you are on a business trip or keeping up with expenses, credit card receipts are an important part of each customers transaction.

Mercury Credit Card Expansion ModuleExpress Card Dispenser

Complete your system with an Express Card Dispenser. Create customer loyalty and start generating extra revenue while providing a great service to your customers. Fleet, Loyalty and Gift Cards can all be utilized with this system.

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