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Turbo Dry IITurbo Dry II raises the bar in performance, profitability and durability for Self Serve Dryers!

Features & Benefits

  • More energy efficient
  • Quieter
  • Longer Motor life Stainless Steel Cover
  • Compact Design
What is Turbo Dry™?
The Turbo Dry™ is a high speed air dryer for use by customers at self serve car washes. The device is operated by inserting money and activating blower motors that force air through a hose to a nozzle held and directed by the customer.

Why Carolina Pride’s Turbo Dry is superior to the competition?
With a super tough nozzle and by eliminating the dump valve we have made a more efficient and powerful drying system. It’s faster, touchless and delivers a spot-free dry.

What comes standard with the Turbo Dry™?

Each Turbo Dry™ system comes complete with (1) 5’3” wall mount dryer boom, (1) 12’ x 2” hose, (1) 3’ x 2” hose, (2) 2” x 1 ½” couplings, (1) Turbo Dry™ Nozzle, (1) Turbo Dry™ Nozzle Holder, (1) in-bay Turbo Dry™ sign and (1) stainless steel dome covered Turbo Dry™ producer.

Do any options come with the Turbo Dry™?

Boom extensions are available to give additional reach and attractive Turbo Dry™ banners are a must to draw in those new customers.

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Turbo Dry

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