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Performa Systems
Performa Systems

Vacuum and Scent or Vacuum and Shampoo
Combo Vacuum

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The Sweet Smell of Success
Vacuum and Scent or Vacuum and Shampoo

• Multi-purpose solution increases profits
while lowering overhead
• Multi-payment methods provide one-stop
customer convenience
• On the fly service selection
• “Last Coin Alert” encourages extended
cycles and additional services.
• Bright colorful graphics, and illuminated
dome, draw the customer for day and night usage

Keep the revenue stream flowing
Super Vacuum

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Reliable Money Makers
Keep the revenue stream flowing

• Durable Stainless Steel Construction
• Stainless Steel Dome, Standard
• Side Mounted Meter Box with “Safe Pipe” Option
• Dual Motor, Standard / Triple or Single Motor, Optional
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